Der Zürcher Arzt Georg Keller und seine Studienzeit in Lausanne (1549/50)

Kurt Jakob Rüetschi


After a survey of the studies and the later life of Georg Keller (Cellarius), the article concentrates on his time at Lausanne. Traugott Schieß in his summaries of the student’s letters to Gwalther, 1906, and Karine Crousaz in her study of the early time of the Academy of Lausanne, 2012, differ considerably in their dating of Keller’s stay there and in dating a crucial letter. Using the correspondence of Pierre Viret and of the other Zurich student then at Lausanne, Josua Maler, provided more clarity in dating Keller’s letters, in which they praise the quality and importance of the Academy for learning French and the classical and biblical languages.


Academy of Lausanne; Georg Keller (Cellarius); Josua Maler (Pictorius); Johannes von Halm (de Hala); Pierre Viret; Jean Ribit; Franc¸ois Hotman; Jacques Valier; Jacques Charlet; Rudolf Gwalther; Heinrich Bullinger; Konrad Gessner

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