Eine unbekannte Schrift von Bernardino Ochino

Judith Steiniger


Recent work on the edition of Heinrich Bullinger’s correspondence from the year 1546 has unearthed an interesting letter by Ambrosius Blarer, the reformer of Constance. In a list of publications connected with the raging Schmalkaldic War, he mentions the pamphlet “Ein gesprech des Teütschen Lands und der hoffnung diese gegenwertige Kriegsleüff betreffend […]”, attributing it to the Italian reformer Bernardino Ochino. This article corroborates Ochino’s hitherto unknown authorship, as well as providing an edition of the pamphlet with a commentary and analysis.


Bernardino Ochino; Ambrosius Blarer; pamphlet; history of literature; Germany; Italy; Charles V; Schmalkaldic War

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